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    Design: Mads Freund Brunse
    Programming: Joel Baker
    © 2013

    Max Creasy was born in Australia in 1976.
    He lives and works in London, United Kingdom.
    In 2010 he completed a Masters of Art at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.
    Hackney Central Library
    Technology and Learning Centre
    1 Reading Lane
    London E8 1GQ

    If nothing matters, then how do we make sense of anything? Max Creasy’s lyrical internet project draws on his understanding of pictures, representation and logic to question the relationship between a whole range of matter.

    The artist takes the narrative of image and text and connects it with the numerical rationale of filing systems through the camera and books. Pictures are selected from his own photographic archive, with their automatically generated camera file number, and referenced against the same sequence of digits from the dewey decimal system
    of the local Hackney Library. This generates a book that creates a relationship with the image that is random, fictitious and yet logical.

    In framing this correlation between subjective readings and numerical reference systems, he explores how we order the different matter in our lives to form meaning.

    The artist would like to thank Charlotte McInnes
    & co-editor Ray O’Meara.